Third Learning Log 6/9/2011

After wrapping up the first week of class and module one, here are some thoughts…I feel that I still have a little more research to do on the vagueness of Fair Use of others materials in terms of being an educator.  There seem to be many loop-holes and I want to make sure that, as a teacher, I am providing accurate information to my students, so that they know how to protect themselves from plagiarism.  As stated in the article

Is Fair Use a License to Steal?

Part 2 of a Series on Copyright and Fair Use

this line particularly hit home for me – Many educators interpret fair use as freedom to use copyrighted materials as long as their use is restricted to instructional purposes.  I have to admit that I am guilty of believing this.  I know that I had classes that taught me about citing my sources during my undergrad, but there really wasn’t a course that taught me exactly what Fair Use was all about, especially for online tools.  I look forward to explore this aspect of sharing materials more.

I also liked the article Digital Citizenship – Addressing Appropriate Technology Behavior.  The strategy regarding ‘Digital Etiquette’ was something that really stood out for me.  The fact that there is all of this new and evolving technology, that students use regularly at home is great. However, it doesn’t give us as educators much time to keep up.  Especially with the fact that along with helping them and teaching them how to use the technology, we also have to model proper ways of using it so that it benefits them instead of harming them.  Along with the newness and evolution of this technology is the fact that the rules and regulations for using it appropriately have not been documented – so that leaves us with our instincts to go on until we get to that point.


Those were just a couple of things that stood out for me that I know I haven’t commented on before.  As far as my blog goes, I’m enjoying the process of it, and look forward to viewing blogs that contain pertinent information regarding education and library topics.

Sam R.



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