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Middle School Library is a blog that has some resources for different middle school themes.  On the home page are upcoming trends in reading and favorite series along with book fair dates and times.  There are also different tabs for specific grade levels: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th that assist with research in particular subject areas.  It looks as though is going to be updated frequently, since there really aren’t a lot of topics to choose from and the blog is only about a year old.

The Unquiet Library is a blog that chronicles different events include technology, reading, research and student involvement in each of these areas of interest.  I particularly liked the slogan on the homepage of this blog “The Unquiet Library – Not your mother’s library. Your Library.”  Here are some links that stood out for me:  Sophomores reflect on creating digital research papers , Spring art show , The Hobbit , Sarah Dessen.

The Daring Librarian is a blog that shares all sorts of resources for students and other librarians alike.  When I first saw this blog it was very overwhelming because of all the colors and pictures, but when I got over that there are some real gems hidden among all the pizazz.  From the home page check out the flickr pics, they are awesome!  Gwyneth Jones – The Daring Librarian , Doug Johnson , are just a few from so many great resources and interesting tidbits Gwyneth has on her blog.

Tuscaloosa Magnet School Library is a blog that chronicles book news, has a readers blog where students as well as teachers can post comments on books they’ve read, includes a wish list for books and other items the librarian wishes to have in the Tuscaloosa Library, Helpful Links for students who need to do research when the library is closed, and a list of resources for specific research topics.

1. How might you incorporate blogs in your school library?

I really like the idea of including a readers blog on my librarian website.  This would be one way for me to keep up with what my students and coworkers are reading as well as providing a way for avid readers to get recommendations for books they haven’t read yet.  I also think that it’s a great idea to ‘publish’ students digital work – The Unquiet Library did a great job posting student work as well as their reactions to what they had accomplished.  That is an incredible perspective to give students so that they can realized all the hard work they have put into a particular project.

2. How would you share blogging with teachers or library media specialists in your building/county and encourage them to give blogs a try?

I would most likely show them what other teachers/librarians have already done.  I find that if you impress someone and show them what can be done, as well as model something that is new, you get better feedback.  Teachers are already so incredibly busy that they need an extra creative push (and sometimes even I do) because to those busy frazzled educators – doing something new like blogging is just one more thing they have to worry about.

3. How might you use professional blogs for professional development?

I think that questions two and three pretty much go hand in hand.  I would do the same thing only here’s the process I might take:  Create my own blog incorporating great blogs from each content area – science, math, social studies, reading, librarian, P.E., art, music, Tech. Ed., etc. and use them to demonstrate the creativity and how they can be used for students, staff, administrators and our school community.



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2 responses to “Library Blogs

  1. I think you make a great point about blogging and the time constraints teachers often face everyday. With grading and planning taking so much time, it can be hard for a teacher to try and learn a new avenue of technology, but, as you say, if you show them some examples and how effective blogging can be, then I would think teachers would be more inclined to give it a try. I also liked your idea of a sort of omni-blog where the school community can go and find other blogs that may be of interest.

  2. I think your blogs were great. I’m looking at more classroom/teacher blogs so it is fun seeing the other side. I really liked the Dairing Librarian, especially coming from MD and that her hard work has been recogonized. I love the award “Mover and Shaker,” it automatically makes me think she knows how to connect with students and make reading fun.
    I also liked the idea of the wish list on your blog site, but I think tey could go another stop and not just have their own list for donations, etc. but have a place for students to create their own list of books that maybe they heard about in a book talk, etc but haven’t been able to find.

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