Flickr Galleries 6/18/2011

I thought that these pictures could be used as an inspiration for a writing prompt in a 6th grade English class based on creative writing in the folklore and legends unit we do at the end of every year.  The five pictures I have chosen are images that I captured myself on various trips – some are of Niagara Falls, others are from the Philadelphia Flower Show.  My idea was to have the students pick one of these photos and use it to create a snapshot narrative.  Based on the picture, they would then write a story that had to do with some of the myths, folktales, and legends that we’ve been reading in class.  Here’s the site:

Snapshot Narrative Inspirations



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2 responses to “Flickr Galleries 6/18/2011

  1. Margaret

    These are intriguing photos you have added to your photostream. Where you able to make a Gallery of others photos?

  2. Margaret

    sorry… Were you able to….Galleries are a great way to gather other photographer’s work to use in a lesson.

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