Learning Log 1 Module 2 6/15/2011

Here are a few ramblings as we begin our next module.

The article “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” by Marc Prensky, really stood out for me.  Especially when it described the breakdown between educators and students who are constantly having the same argument over and over again.  As a special educator, I constantly hear how boring one class or another is because “all we do is take notes, or quizzes…” or who knows what else, that truly isn’t something that we as adults wish to do, but get stuck in a rut with using the same classroom materials all the time, because creating something new is just one more thing to worry about in our already busy lives.

As I read this article, I found myself connecting a relating to different things: like experiences that I’ve had with different vocabulary and knowing what something means but not being able to explain it, and really a whole bunch of weird stuff – but the point I’m trying to make is that I was multi-tasking.  Which is a huge part of our students’ everyday lives.  I like how the article mentions this – our students are constantly stimulated almost every second they are awake by different technology.  And yet they come to school knowing that it’s not going to be that way – that it’s going to be dull, and most likely boring.

Teaching special needs students is a constant yet really fun challenge, because not only am I creating interesting and hopefully multi-stimulating activities, but what it really comes down to is that what my co-teachers and I are creating for my students to do, is actually beneficial for everyone in the classroom because it is so multi-sensory.  Due to my students very different needs, we create different levels of instruction to match them and their capabilities – however, after reading this article, it would seem that those lessons meant for students with disabilities really just ended up being good teaching strategies.

Sam R.


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