Flickr Slideshow/Continuation of Galleries 6/18/2011

As a continuation of my previous post for ‘Flickr Galleries’, here are the odds and ends that will hopefully tie up all the loose ends for Flickr.  Sticking with the same five slides from the first post Snapshot Narrative Inspirations, the goal for my students is to 1. Focus on the following standard by choosing one of the five pictures to create a photo inspired story based on one of the myths, legends or folktales we have read this quarter in English: 

HCPSS English Standards – Goal 5 of Folklore and Legends Unit – The student will compose in a variety of modes by developing content, employing specific forms, and selecting language appropriate for a particular audience and

2.  Depending on how much technology I have available, I can see this working one of two ways:  First, with minimal technology: Show the students via Elmo (computer screen projection device) the photos and instruct them to select one photo to create their myth, legend or folktale on.  Then continue to display all five photos in slide show form, for the duration of their task, providing assistance when necessary.  Second, with mobile lab/computer lab access:  First, show students Flickr photos – then direct them, using laptops from mobile lab or computer lab desktops to access my Flickr photos, instruct them to select one and create their story.  Their response would then be sent either to my teacher hand in folder for me to respond to at a later time, or (if I can manage) create a student blog for them to post their stories – at first just for their class and then perhaps after peer reviews and editing make it accessible for family and the school.


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  1. Margaret

    Great ideas for using Flickr slideshows. Check your link it is to your photostream and not the slideshow itself…… 🙂

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