My Favorite Social Networking Tool – Learning Log 3 for Module 3

I think that the favorite tool that I’ve used so far in this class has been VoiceThread.  I have really enjoyed researching this tool in particular because it makes sense to me.  I can see myself using this in the classroom with my students as a teacher for a culminating assessment of what they have learned for a BIG6 project.  After having looked at our fifth assignment I think that a Voice Thread is going to be one of the activities for it.  I like the idea of having students not only interact with something that they are familiar with and good at, but also connecting those skills to research that might not have been so easy for them to accomplish.  Since I teach 6th graders right now, that’s pretty much their first experience with a long term research project and it would be great to encourage their creativity in an academic area where research can be dull and rather dry.   I can also see myself using this tool as a librarian.  I like the idea of recruiting some of my students in order to have them create book reviews for their peers.  I envision this happening in one of two ways:  first they could choose a favorite author and one or more of their books to review, or they could choose many authors/books that might have been their favorites or not so favorite to do honest reviews about them – I believe that it is important for my students to be encouraged to express what they liked about a book as much as what they didn’t like about it, that way when a peer listens to their review they can make decisions based on their likes and dislikes.



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2 responses to “My Favorite Social Networking Tool – Learning Log 3 for Module 3

  1. I really like the simplicity of VoiceThread. I think that it very similar to Photostory. What do you think? What would make you chooise VoiceThread over Photostory?

  2. I chose Skype as my favorite..but that was before I used VoiceThread. I do like the ease of use, but still found myself spending a lot of time trying to polish my recorded work.

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