GoodReads – Learning Log 4 Module 3

Young Adult Reads

I couldn’t get the widget to work so here’s the link to my young adult list of GoodReads.

Describe how you will use the bookshelf and other ways you might use GoodReads in the instructional setting.

As a librarian I was would definitely use GoodReads as a resource to refer to for good books personally, professionally and for my students.  I would encourage my students to use it as well – it could be another way for them to keep track of what they’ve read, what they liked and see what everyone else is reading – also a way to keep tabs on what friends are reading and enjoying.  In a classroom setting, I would definitely create a collaborative project that focused on a topic that we’ve covered in English – of course I could see this being used cross-curricularly but I want to focus on English since that’s what I know best.  The project could be something like – Find books on Fables or Legends and compare the origins of them…or have the students pick three to five books for leisure reading purposes and explain why they chose them.  In a Reading class this could be used to document books that they’ve read over the course of the school year or over a whole year in general – their collaboration via GoodReads could be a participation grade.  Also in Reading I could see this tool being used to help students find books based on a BIG6 research project.  There could be a collaborative project based on the use of finding resources in specific careers, interests, etc. and in a group students with similar interests could decide based on reviews which books would be the best resources.


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