Wikis – Learning Log 2 of Module 4

The following links are educational wikis I found most interesting.

This wiki deals with a collaborative unit that was created by several teachers in one school for their students. Their description of the wiki is the following:The course will continue for a year, and the wiki is under construction. Teachers are working collaboratively to create a 21st Century Skills classroom for their students. One part of the unit development is to research best practices and to share those resources on the wiki. Another is to find an “expert” to interview or social network with, for example at the rich environment of the ECNing. We are using both problem-based lessons and UbD to frame the course. After browsing through the wiki, it looks like a very solid effort to promote collaboration, research skills, analyzing information, critical thinking, as well as working under time constraints.

This wiki is a resource website for all things math. The age ranges from grades K-8.

I particularly liked this wiki because it was originally for parent outreach and turned into a great way for this teacher’s second grade students to collaborate and share their work publicly.

I thought this wiki had a lot of great resources for students who need to fix gaps in their reading and writing skills – however, my only criticism would be the use of the word ‘remedial’ in the description of the wiki itself.

I loved this wiki! It was all about publishing student work created by online tools. There are some really great projects on here to show as models for students who have trouble thinking of ideas themselves or just to see what other students have created.

This is a film club wiki that features background information, reviews, and trailers to upcoming screenings. Really cool for high school – plus it was one of the first non-academic wikis I came across and really liked.


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