Final Reflection

Hmmm….where to begin.  I know I probably say this about all the courses I’ve taken at McDaniel, especially when we’re wrapping everything up.  But I do feel that this has been one of most beneficial courses I’ve taken.  I am thoroughly excited about using technology in my classroom now that I see how helpful and significant it is.  Now I just have to get my co-teachers on the bandwagon with me!

As for our wiki assignment (and Margaret, I think you might have just sold me on wiki now:)) I have to say that it was probably my favorite project out of this course.  Minus some minor grumbling, I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it, and I’m very excited about what I created, as well as seeing what everyone else created.

Having learned and been introduced to all of the little things first: Skype, VoiceThread, The NETS Standards, Creative Commons, iMovie, GoogleDocs – reader, iGoogle, Flickr, Digital Storytelling, PLNs, Twitter, GoodReads – and the list could go on and on – but the point is that because I learned about all of these little things first, I found that I was able to see how I can apply them later and almost into any content as a future librarian.  With technology already a significant part of our students lives it is natural to assume that it will become a vital part of education, as long as we (and I mean us educators) are ready to provide it.

While the use of technology in our classrooms, is one of the many things I will take away from this course, I cannot go without mentioning the camaraderie I have felt throughout this class.  If only everyone could collaborate like we can!  Thank you Margaret for an eye-opening and wonderful experience in technology and to everyone else for making this course what it turned out to be.

Sam R.


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