Twitter – Learning Log 1 for Module 3

So my goal for this Learning Log is to find some great websites dealing with YA Literature.  The first one I found is:

The second site I liked was:

The third site was:

The fourth site was:

The fifth site was:

The sixth site was:

The seventh site was:

The eighth site was:

Ninth site was:

Tenth site was:$spindb.query.listeditauth2.booknew

All of these sites have something to offer young adult readers.  While it is not an all inclusive list it will assist in broadening ya readers horizons by showing them legitimate websites with solid information about literature.  This list is also my Diigo list and comes full circle in my quest to have my students create some sort of technologically savvy book/author talk/review.


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Digital Story Learning Log 5 for Module 2 6/27/2011

The digital story I created via imovie, focuses on the promotion of literacy through an author talk and book review that a librarian might make to entice and inspire students in the love of leisure reading.  My ultimate goal with this example would be to have my students create their own author talk/book review by using imovie – this could be a cross curriculum adventure paired with English or Reading classes in order to create a culminating project based on a favorite author  – such as my example – or a favorite selection of books that they might promote honestly about for their peers.



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Learning Log 4 for Module 2 6/22/2011

Mid-module nerves:  So I really just wanted to vent a little about my ability to use wiki.  For some reason I just do not get this particular tool.  And it’s not for the want of trying.  I have had approximately four or five lengthy interactions with wiki and I still can not grasp my frustration with it and how hard it is for me to use.  Usually I’m not the person who willingly throws in the towel early on something, but I’m afraid that if wiki still remains difficult for me after this class I am probably going to switch to something easier to use.  With that said, I must say that I am very impressed with all the interactions I’ve had with other online tools that I have used prior to and during this class.  I look forward to implementing many in the future as a librarian.  Particularly imovie – for project creations, wordpress – for communication and perhaps google reader for research purposes.  I can also foresee myself using screencasting for technological troubleshooting or for professional development enhancement.

Sam R.


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Flickr Slideshow/Continuation of Galleries 6/18/2011

As a continuation of my previous post for ‘Flickr Galleries’, here are the odds and ends that will hopefully tie up all the loose ends for Flickr.  Sticking with the same five slides from the first post Snapshot Narrative Inspirations, the goal for my students is to 1. Focus on the following standard by choosing one of the five pictures to create a photo inspired story based on one of the myths, legends or folktales we have read this quarter in English: 

HCPSS English Standards – Goal 5 of Folklore and Legends Unit – The student will compose in a variety of modes by developing content, employing specific forms, and selecting language appropriate for a particular audience and

2.  Depending on how much technology I have available, I can see this working one of two ways:  First, with minimal technology: Show the students via Elmo (computer screen projection device) the photos and instruct them to select one photo to create their myth, legend or folktale on.  Then continue to display all five photos in slide show form, for the duration of their task, providing assistance when necessary.  Second, with mobile lab/computer lab access:  First, show students Flickr photos – then direct them, using laptops from mobile lab or computer lab desktops to access my Flickr photos, instruct them to select one and create their story.  Their response would then be sent either to my teacher hand in folder for me to respond to at a later time, or (if I can manage) create a student blog for them to post their stories – at first just for their class and then perhaps after peer reviews and editing make it accessible for family and the school.

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Flickr Galleries 6/18/2011

I thought that these pictures could be used as an inspiration for a writing prompt in a 6th grade English class based on creative writing in the folklore and legends unit we do at the end of every year.  The five pictures I have chosen are images that I captured myself on various trips – some are of Niagara Falls, others are from the Philadelphia Flower Show.  My idea was to have the students pick one of these photos and use it to create a snapshot narrative.  Based on the picture, they would then write a story that had to do with some of the myths, folktales, and legends that we’ve been reading in class.  Here’s the site:

Snapshot Narrative Inspirations


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Learning Log 1 Module 2 6/15/2011

Here are a few ramblings as we begin our next module.

The article “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” by Marc Prensky, really stood out for me.  Especially when it described the breakdown between educators and students who are constantly having the same argument over and over again.  As a special educator, I constantly hear how boring one class or another is because “all we do is take notes, or quizzes…” or who knows what else, that truly isn’t something that we as adults wish to do, but get stuck in a rut with using the same classroom materials all the time, because creating something new is just one more thing to worry about in our already busy lives.

As I read this article, I found myself connecting a relating to different things: like experiences that I’ve had with different vocabulary and knowing what something means but not being able to explain it, and really a whole bunch of weird stuff – but the point I’m trying to make is that I was multi-tasking.  Which is a huge part of our students’ everyday lives.  I like how the article mentions this – our students are constantly stimulated almost every second they are awake by different technology.  And yet they come to school knowing that it’s not going to be that way – that it’s going to be dull, and most likely boring.

Teaching special needs students is a constant yet really fun challenge, because not only am I creating interesting and hopefully multi-stimulating activities, but what it really comes down to is that what my co-teachers and I are creating for my students to do, is actually beneficial for everyone in the classroom because it is so multi-sensory.  Due to my students very different needs, we create different levels of instruction to match them and their capabilities – however, after reading this article, it would seem that those lessons meant for students with disabilities really just ended up being good teaching strategies.

Sam R.

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Fourth and Final Learning Log for Module 1 6/13/2011

As we wrap up the first module, I am excited by what I have learned about blogs.  (Those items being: posting a creative commons license and posting it on my blog, creating posts, receiving and responding to comments, using Google Reader to locate blogs of interest, knowing how to subscribe to blogs of interest)  I have by no means learned everything there is to know about them but I do feel comfortable now setting up something small and user friendly for a class or for my own personal use.  I believe that as I get more familiar with the whole concept of blogging that I will be able to do more interesting things with them, such as posting pictures and uploading videos and other such items.

Sam R.

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